The Top 5 ASMR Pornstars For 2024

There’s nothing hotter than hearing a girl moan in your ear when she’s in the throes of sexual pleasure. It can be challenging to come across, though. Most porn videos have low-quality microphones that are just somewhere in the room while the action happens. They’re usually by the guy because that’s the most accessible place to hide them. The result is audio that makes you listen to every grunt and groan from the guy, and nothing makes you lose wood faster than that. That’s why ASMR porn specializes in the sounds of feminine pleasure. Here are the top five ASMR pornstars to make your entire dick tingle in aural satisfaction.

  1. Ellian Alien

Ellian Alien is a big tit pornstar who loves making ASMR videos that bring her mouth right to your ears. She has a high-tech microphone with actual ears on the sides. That gives you 3D audio that sounds exactly like you’re in the room with her. Her asmr porn clips are some of the most well-known on Pornhub. What makes her unique is the way she likes to lick those ears while she gets you off. You hear every slurp and every caress of her warm tongue in her videos. If you want to enjoy her then you just have to sit back and let her give you jerk-off instructions in her ASMR JOI videos. She has a realistic dildo that makes it sound like she has her hands wrapped around your shaft while she tells you exactly what she wants you to do for her. She can quickly become your favorite internet girl, and you’ll never have to go anywhere else for any of your needs.

  1. Allure Enchanted

Allure Enchanted is the kind of girl that everyone needs in their porn search history. She’s a real MILF who knows what it takes to satisfy other people, and you get to take full advantage of it. One thing to remember is that she’s all about the audio. There’s no video to go along with her porn, so you get to use your Imagination the entire time. She has an anime girl as her picture, so you’ll get to live out some fantasies with her. She’s mostly a soft femdom who wants you to relax by calling you a good boy for giving her your throbbing erection. Allure is one of the best asmr artists in the work. She can get possessive, but that’s only because she likes to bring her girlfriends into the fun she’s having with you. There’s a reason she has over 5,000 subscribers; you should become one of them as soon as possible!

  1. ASMR Babe

ASMR Babe is one of the most well known ASMR pornstars

If you can’t get enough of a woman’s body and want to dive into the eroticism of every inch she has to offer you, you just have to spend your time with ASMR Babe. She’s taking the art of ASMR and taking it to a whole new level, just by using her mature body. She loves to give long and intense JOI sessions that bring in tantric stroke methods that will keep you on edge for an hour. Then there are the things she does to herself. You get to listen to all the sloppy, wet sounds that her fingers make while she gently pleasures her own pussy to an orgasm for you. If you want an experience you’ll never forget, you can let her get you off without touching yourself a single time. You just have to listen to the sounds of her gorgeous MILF pussy contracting and relaxing and you’ll never think of jerking off the same way again.

  1. Luna Rexx ASMR

Luna Rexx ASMR Pornstars

Luna Rexx started on YouTube by getting men and women off with her voice on a mainstream platform. She enjoyed it so much that she had to take it all to the next level. Now she’s making ASMR porn with no limits that she has to worry about at all. She has a 3D microphone with ears, and she never lets you down when she uses them as a prop. You get to hear what it sounds like when she licks your ear, and your erection won’t go away until she decides to stop. She makes it nice and wet so you can imagine her saliva dripping down your skin and there’s nothing better than that. She still makes it hotter, though. Just wait until you find her playing with another woman when each girl takes an ear and drives you crazy with sexual desire. Try her once and you’re going to be addicted.

  1. Bella Mur ASMR

Bella Mur ASMR Pornstar

Bella Mur is a girl that you’re going to want to spend a lot of time with after you discover her. She’s a gorgeous blonde with really big tits and a perfect pussy. Her long hair is going to make more than enough sound to get you off, but she has a lot more in store for you. She’s the kind of girl who loves to beg and you get to listen to her moaning for you to stick your cock into her holes. If that’s not enough to get you off, then you just have to check out her anal videos. There’s nothing like the sound a dildo makes when it penetrates a woman’s asshole, and you get to hear it over and over again. She’s also going to bring in her friends to lick your ears and your dick is going to be sore for days!

Try ASMR Porn Right Now

If you’ve never experienced ASMR porn, then you’re missing out on something. Listening to a pornstar in your ear is something that’s going to give you an erotic experience you can never forget about. The girls making it are gorgeous and they always want to show you a great time. You just have to sit back and let it all happen. It doesn’t matter if you’re into JOI or the sloppy sounds of a wet pussy getting fucked. You’ll get lost in the sounds of love, and you won’t need another girl again.

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